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GlassFish Best Practices: Setting Automatic Start for GlassFish v2 Cluster Node Agents

We are trying to run GlassFish V2 on Linux machine and every time we try to restart the node agents using asadmin command it used to prompt password for user as well as master password. We had tough time figuring this out. It was easy for us to setup autostart for the domains but for node agents its was not clearly mentioned anywhere.
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Command line deployment at Linux/Unix for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server

I have always liked the command line deployment on any application server. I still don't trust the admin console for deploying my war file on any server.
Many times I have observed that the server doesn't respond if there is a problem in deployment.
Therefore I prefer the command line deployment. Here are few simple steps, which can be used to do web application war file deployment on glassfish server running at Unix/Linx machine.
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